Talk & Signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers In Cincinnati

Doug will appear for an author talk and signing of The Investment Club with Stephen Robert Stein, author of The Oath, at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati on Saturday, February 25th at 2:00 pm. Each author will read a passage and discuss their books and answer questions.

The Oathnamed as a Kirkus Best Book of 2016, tracks the intertwined lives of Dr. Michel Katz and SS Doctor Hans Bloch, who both survive Auschwitz and the war to practice medicine in the United States, never losing the stains upon their souls. Stephen Robert Stein is a retired orthopedic surgeon living in rural Indiana with his wife Becky and they have two children, Matthew and Alyssa. Leaving his thirty year practice in Phoenix, he moved out to Batesville, Indiana, where he concentrated on writing and enjoying the Midwestern lifestyle. They have traveled extensively throughout Europe laying a solid historical foundation for The Oath while delving deeper into the reasons behind the Holocaust. His passions include Scuba diving, flying and exploring new environments. He presently serves as the President of the Batesville School Board and is active as a Director of the Ivy Tech Community College Foundation.

Joseph Beth Booksellers is an independent bookseller with five locations in Lexington, Cincinnati, Crestview Hills, Cleveland Clinic, and The Christ Hospital. With over 25 years of being more than a book store, Joseph-Beth has become a place where ideas are shared, knowledge is gained, and memories are created. Driven to create value the people and communities where stores reside, Joseph-Beth has donated over $175,000 to local charities and works to support the local economy with job growth and community involvement. Visit one of their stores for books, exceptional gifts, toys and educational games; attend events and book signings; or bring your children to enjoy exciting activities such as Camp Joseph-Beth or Story Time.

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Looked out the window, the other day.
Saw my life passing away.
Confused, didn’t know what to say.
Just lost, couldn’t find my way.

Found hope in the smile of a child.
Told me to go on and so I tried.
Looked within, deep down inside.
From myself, I could no longer hide.

You’ll be there…someday.
You’re on your path.You’ll find your way.
Yesterday’s gone; tomorrow will come.
Just remember where you came from.

The journey is lonely, and it’s long.
Keep your focus and you’ll be strong.
Trust your heart, you can’t be wrong.
Find your meaning, sing your song.

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