New Children’s Book from Author Doug Cooper Available to Order

Snail & Butterfly by Doug Cooper & CJ the Kid

New Children’s Book from Doug Cooper aka Dougie Coop

The latest literary project from Doug Cooper, The Snail & The Butterfly, is a children’s  book in the juvenile fiction/animals and bug & spider books genres that emphasizes the importance of persevering through fear and the one-on-one connections we form throughout our lives in achieving our dreams. To differentiate his children’s books from his adult fiction, Doug is publishing The Snail & The Butterfly under the name of Dougie Coop, “a softer, gentler version”, as he describes, of the adventurous, poignant writer of literary thrillers that he is known by readers worldwide. With a thirty-year journey from ideation to publication, this story from Doug Cooper is making an exciting premiere in children’s literature. The new book is available for ordering wherever books are sold or use the following links to order from your favorite online retailer.

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Doug’s creative process for this book was a collaborative and iterative journey. He teamed up with the talented Australian artist CJ the Kid, who provided whimsical and playful illustrations that perfectly complement the story. Their collaboration spanned several years and multiple continents and has created the heartfelt book that is The Snail & The Butterfly.

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Doug Cooper Children's Book in Juvenile Fiction/Animals


9781644283653 | US $16.00 | 10 x 10 in. | 42 pp.



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Doug Cooper & Rare Bird Books

The Snail & The Butterfly is the latest book by Doug Cooper published by Rare Bird Books, adding to their storied history of collaboration. From gripping psychological thrillers to this new venture in children’s literature, Rare Bird is delighted and honored to announce this forthcoming publication from Doug Cooper. With The Snail in the Butterfly, Doug Cooper and Rare Bird want to transport young readers on an enchanting adventure and nurture a love for books in all forms. 

 Doug Cooper is a seasoned author with a diverse writing portfolio. With a wealth of publishing experience, he has honed his craft, delivering captivating and introspective narratives in different voices and mediums. The Snail & The Butterfly, a delightful creation by Doug Cooper, offers a unique and engaging story that transcends age barriers.Enhanced by CJ the Kid’s winsome illustrations, this book sparks meaningful discussions on personal development,human connections, and the transformative power of embracing life’s obstacles. Its universal themes resonate with readers, inviting them to explore profound ideas and find inspiration within its pages.

Author Doug Cooper Releases Children's Book in Juvenile Fiction/Animals

Artist CJ the Kid

CJ the Kid is the talented artist and illustrator behind the captivating visuals of The Snail & The Butterfly. CJ’s artistic journey started in childhood, and in 2011, he decided to explore drawing and painting more deeply while living and performing as a dancer in Las Vegas where he met Doug Cooper while he was working on his second novel The Investment Club set in downtown Las Vegas.

Artist CJ the Kid Illustrator for Doug Cooper Children's Book in Juvenile Fiction/Animals

Based in Sydney, CJ’s art is emotionally charged, reflecting his life experiences. The snail, butterfly, and mushroom characters featured in the book have been recurring figures in his work over the years from doodling to wall art to paintings. When Doug Cooper approached him with the idea for the children’s book, CJ saw the potential and agreed to collaborate on the project.

Despite the distance and time difference after they both returned to their native homes, CJ and Dougie Coop found their rhythm, exchanging imaginative ideas. To CJ, the snail and butterfly represent pure imagination, freedom, and playfulness.

With CJ the Kid’s talent and Dougie Coop’s storytelling, The Snail & The Butterfly is a magical collaboration that sparks the imagination and resonates with readers of all ages.

The Snail And The Butterfly is available to order wherever books are sold and scheduled for release by Author Doug Cooper and Rare Bird Books on August 9, 2023. Visit the Snail & Butterfly Shop for stickers, T-Shirts, hats, and other fun merchandise.


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New Children’s Book Available!!!

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How to Turn Creative Doubt into Strength 🚚🌌💪🎨 In our latest video, join me and the talented illustrator CJ the Kid, as we dive deep into the heart of the creative journey. 🚀✍️ We talk about the relentless power of persistence, how artists often feel like they’re “screaming into the abyss”, and the critical importance of pushing through periods of doubt. It’s a candid exploration of learning to quiet the mind and to #keepontrucking, even when the path gets tough. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the challenges of creativity, this conversation is for you. Come, get inspired to embrace your art, no matter the echoes of uncertainty. 🌊👣 Visit Books of Wonder online or in the store to get a copy of the book with a signed bookplate. #ArtisticPersistence #CreativeJourney #snail&butterfly

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Doug Cooper is the author of the award-winning novels Outside In and The Investment Club and the 2019 literary thriller Focus Lost. Always searching, he has traveled to over twenty-five countries on five continents, exploring the contradictions between what we believe and how we act in the pursuit of truth, beauty, and love.


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Snail & Butterfly Children’s Book Giveaway: Win A Signed Copy

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Footprints In The Sand

Footprints In The Sand

Footprints in the sand.
Remnants of the past.
Portending to man,
Life can never last.

Trudging down the beach.
Our steps have shortened.
What we tried to reach,
So unimportant.

Waves grab at our feet.
Draw us to the source.
Signaling our retreat,
Washing away our course.

Sunrise on our backs.
Shadows extended.
Slowing in our tracks,
The path has ended.

The sole mark of worth
When we leave this land.
Life that we gave birth.
Footprints in the sand.

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