Five Fascinating Mushroom Facts: Forage Through “The Snail and The Butterfly” by Dougie Coop & CJ the Kid

The Perfect Blend of Adventure and Education for Young Minds

Mushrooms are fascinating organisms, and there’s so much to learn about them that’s sure to pique the interest of both children and adults. Here’s five mushroom facts to forage deeper into the world of mushrooms. Whether you’re an avid mycologist or simply love to get lost in an engaging picture book with your kids, “The Snail and The Butterfly” offers a heartwarming and educational journey for all.Mushroom Facts The Snail & The Butterfly Children's Book by Dougie Coop & CJ the Kid

Five Intriguing Mushroom Facts

1. Mushrooms are More Like Animals Than Plants

Surprisingly, mushrooms are more closely related to animals than plants. Their cell walls are made of chitin, the same material found in insect exoskeletons. For kids, it’s a fun twist to think of mushrooms as something in between plants and bugs!

2. Some Mushrooms Glow in the Dark

Bioluminescent mushrooms like the “Jack O’Lantern Mushroom” or “Ghost Fungi” can actually glow in the dark. Imagine taking a nighttime walk in the woods and stumbling upon a glowing mushroom. That’s sure to intrigue both kids and adults!

3. The Largest Organism on Earth is a Mushroom

The Armillaria ostoyae fungus in Eastern Oregon’s Malheur National Forest is estimated to be thousands of years old and spans over 2,385 acres. Imagine an underground web connecting mushrooms over a space as big as many cities!

4. Some Mushrooms Are Carnivorous

While most mushrooms are decomposers, some species like the ‘Oyster Mushroom’ can paralyze and consume tiny worms. That makes them the only vegan food that can consume meat.

5. Mushrooms Can “Communicate” Through Their Mycelium Network

Through their underground network of filaments, nutrients and chemical signals can be exchanged, almost like a subterranean internet. Their vocabulary is relatively small, estimated to be only 50 words with 15-20 used frequently. Interestingly, the fungal words are similar in length to human words!

How “The Snail and The Butterfly” Fits Into the Mushroom World

Written by award-winning author Doug Cooper aka Dougie Coop, and illustrated by acclaimed Australian artist CJ the Kid, The Snail and The Butterfly introduces young readers to a world where belief, trust, and perseverance reign supreme. Available on Amazon US and published by Rare Bird Books, the story explores themes that align perfectly with the awe-inspiring world of mushrooms. The snail’s quest to soar from the top of a mushroom adds an extra layer of magic, making it a truly inspirational children’s book.

Unlock the Magic Of Mushrooms to Inspire Wonder & Curiosity

Mushrooms have always been a part of human storytelling. Teaching children how mushrooms have inspired stories can be an enchanting way to connect nature and literature. Whether it’s their unexpected biological connections, their mystical glow, their potential environmental superpowers, or their status as ancient giants, these mushroom facts are full of surprises. They’re a gateway to exploring biology, ecology, mythology, and even philosophy. The Snail and The Butterfly makes for an excellent companion on this exploratory journey. For children captivated by the magical world of fungi, this book is a must-read!


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