Taking Responsibility For Expectations

We hear so frequently about the importance of commitment, or are critical of someone’s fear of the same. But when we too often view commitment as the initial act of pledging ourselves to someone or something. We forget that this is only the first, and maybe the easiest, step in a much longer process. It’s what happens after that really makes the difference because surrendering to a person or cause creates expectations that we’ll be there for the entire journey, not just the start. Accepting the responsibility and following through on these expectations is the real test of our mettle.

Most Of What We Do

From our waking hours to the closing of our days, we always seem to be doing something. Consumed with progress and achievement, our minds and bodies are in perpetual motion. We’re either planning what to do or making the next move to accomplish some goal. With so much focus on execution, we have a tendency to overvalue the importance of our efforts, that they will leave a mark and be remembered by many. But the reality is the ripples travel beyond our realization, affecting countless individuals and our surroundings. Just because we don’t experience the outcome, doesn’t mean our intentions are not felt.