In Each Other’s Hands

We rely on our hands for so much. We use them to type, to congratulate, to direct, to pray, to pull, to push, to protect, to feed, and most of all to hold and help one another. Whether we are giving someone a hand, offering a helping hand, or handing it to someone, our hands are symbols of utility, strength, and compassion. We focus so much on what ours do for us, we forget their greatest gifts are when we surrender and pledge them to one another. When we remember the best times of our lives, our hands are holding others and never empty.

What Got You Here

Our strengths are our favorite tools. Time and again they’ve served us well when we need them the most. They’ve gotten us through difficulties and helped us achieve our goals. So it’s natural when facing obstacles that we turn to these proven talents first. But what got us here, won’t necessarily get us to where we need to be or want to be next. New situations have different challenges and may require fresh techniques and strategies. We must be willing to adjust and adapt to what is required and not simply rely on that at which we are adept.