Footprints In The Sand

Footprints In The Sand

Footprints in the sand.
Remnants of the past.
Portending to man,
Life can never last.

Trudging down the beach.
Our steps have shortened.
What we tried to reach,
So unimportant.

Waves grab at our feet.
Draw us to the source.
Signaling our retreat,
Washing away our course.

Sunrise on our backs.
Shadows extended.
Slowing in our tracks,
The path has ended.

The sole mark of worth
When we leave this land.
Life that we gave birth.
Footprints in the sand.



Looked out the window, the other day.
Saw my life passing away.
Confused, didn’t know what to say.
Just lost, couldn’t find my way.

Found hope in the smile of a child.
Told me to go on and so I tried.
Looked within, deep down inside.
From myself, I could no longer hide.

You’ll be there…someday.
You’re on your path.You’ll find your way.
Yesterday’s gone; tomorrow will come.
Just remember where you came from.

The journey is lonely, and it’s long.
Keep your focus and you’ll be strong.
Trust your heart, you can’t be wrong.
Find your meaning, sing your song.

Lost But Not Forgotten


After all the days and ways and games we played,
I covered my heart and closed my mind.
Walking in the rain, hiding from the pain,
I kept searching for someone to blame.

With so much lying and desperate trying,
I avoided the truth buried deep inside
That under all the layers and hopeful prayers
We were both afraid to be the one who cares.

So even after leaving, I kept believing.
Ignored my head and trusted the feeling
Despite our fearful plotting, no way I’m stopping.
We might be lost but not forgotten.


Framed face full of desire.
A cloud of hope and fear.
Longing to move forward,
But reluctant to step
In the direction of
The dreams you hold sacred.

Oh, desperate child,
Lift the veil from your eyes.
See the world as it is.
A dance of confusion,
Fulll of uncertainty.
A search for clarity.

Awake, wayward angel.
Listen to the rhythm
Beating inside of you.
A source of truth and love
In the darkness of doubt,
Telling the way to go.

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