That Which Causes Our Hands To Shake

That Which Causes Our Hands To Shake


We often shy away from that which frightens us. It’s natural to want safety, security, and comfort. But in doing so we often forget the link between our fear and our passion. To pursue a cherished goal and fail can be perceived as a worse outcome than not trying at all. After all if we don’t put ourselves out there than we never know if we’re good enough. But are we really safe? Are we really living our lives? What frightens us also illuminates what matters most. Learning to recognize and lean into our deepest fears will always propel us toward our dreams.

Lost But Not Forgotten


After all the days and ways and games we played,
I covered my heart and closed my mind.
Walking in the rain, hiding from the pain,
I kept searching for someone to blame.

With so much lying and desperate trying,
I avoided the truth buried deep inside
That under all the layers and hopeful prayers
We were both afraid to be the one who cares.

So even after leaving, I kept believing.
Ignored my head and trusted the feeling
Despite our fearful plotting, no way I’m stopping.
We might be lost but not forgotten.


Framed face full of desire.
A cloud of hope and fear.
Longing to move forward,
But reluctant to step
In the direction of
The dreams you hold sacred.

Oh, desperate child,
Lift the veil from your eyes.
See the world as it is.
A dance of confusion,
Fulll of uncertainty.
A search for clarity.

Awake, wayward angel.
Listen to the rhythm
Beating inside of you.
A source of truth and love
In the darkness of doubt,
Telling the way to go.

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