A Separate Existence

We all take probing looks into the mirror, expecting to find life’s elusive truths. We peer deep into the eyes of the person across from us wanting answers. But while the reflection is usually a pronounced part of the plaguing problem, the mirror casts more delusion than truth, creating the deception that we each are a separate existence, isolated and unconnected to others and our surroundings. To bring verity to this self-indulgent fantasy of staring into such a specious speculum, we should strive to see those that anger, frustrate, and are less fortunate than us. We are them, and they are us.

Following A Bad Plan

Just little bit farther; wait a little bit longer; one more time, and it’ll happen. Isn’t that what we tell ourselves? Grit, determination, perseverance. That’s the foundation of all success stories, right? But it’s also the script of most abject failures, too. We get so locked in on an idea, a direction, a destination, that we lose all perspective. Stopping would mean that we were misguided or wrong. But in the moments we admit how lost we are is when we may have the most clarity. To go any farther only moves us further away from what we really need.

Being In Front

Being in front is often mistaken with leadership. But just because a person is ahead of others does not mean one is being a strong leader. So many motivations drive people to leadership positions, unfortunately, the least of which is the wisdom and benevolence needed to guide and direct others. True leaders knows how to achieve individual and group goals from any position. The more leaders are interconnected with their teams, the better they can assess and act in the appropriate way. To feel pressure to be in front is the greatest indication one is not deserving of the position.

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