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Drew Cohen from The Writer’s Block in downtown Las Vegas joins Cooper on the inaugural episode of “The Store Next Door”. Each show he’ll talk to owners, managers, and employees at some of the coolest book stores around. The podcast is brought to you by Rare Bird Books based in Los Angeles, a publisher of 50+ books per year, distributed world-wide by Publishers Group West. Special thanks also to John Andrew Fredrick from The Black Watch for the rights to use “Emily, Are You Sleeping” and “The All-Right Side of Just OK” on the broadcast.

Contrary to the popular misconception that people are buying books only from online retailers, independent booksellers are thriving and serving communities in ways their competitors never can. Each podcast, the booksellers will share about their local book scene, trends they are seeing in the marketplace, what got them excited about books and made them choose it as a career, the first book and last book they read, and so much more.

The Writer’s Block Book Shop is a retailer of books and other goods. Its stock includes new fiction and nonfiction books, writing supplies and stationery, games, apparel, badminton accessories and taxidermy forms. A print lab is located at the front of the shop, where handmade books and stationery are manufactured and sold. The property is also an artificial bird sanctuary, and contains an exhibition on the history of language, literacy, and publishing.

Whether you’re in the car, on the treadmill, or cleaning the house, you can take a walk with Doug and check out the retail gems down the street, around the corner, and in our own backyards in this exciting new podcast from Rare Bird Books. If you’re a bookseller and would like to be on the show or have a special store you would like to recommend, let us know.

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