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Thanks to San Francisco Book Review for rating The Investment Club five out of five stars! “Doug Cooper has created characters that readers can easily relate to, well-grounded, and oh so human. The chapters are short, and they are well-crafted to leave the reader wanting to learn what happens next to the characters. The tension builds as the reader begins to get interested in the group; the reader wants to know for how long the group can stick together before something rips it apart.”

San Francisco Book Review was launched in September 2009 originally as a bi-monthly printed magazine distributed in the SF Bay Area. Now, we focus only on the website, which provides nearly 300 book reviews a month, in addition to author-related articles, interviews, SF Bay Area book store events, and book store/library directories.

Our team reviews about 600 books each month in more than 30 categories, ranging from memoirs and biographies to science fiction and fantasy. SFBR also includes audio author interviews (Audible Authors), written interviews, a calendar of upcoming local SF author events, and whatever else catches our fancy.


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