The Investment Club Galleys
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To celebrate the arrival of the advanced reader copies, aka galleys, of The Investment Club, we’ll be giving some away to a few lucky readers. There are two ways for you to enter:

> Subscribe to our email list either by visiting the ByCooper webpage and submitting your email address via the popup box, inputting your email in the web form below, or by visiting the Cooper Facebook Page and filling out the form.

> Share this page or another post for this contest with your contacts on GoodreadsFacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn. Use the share icons above or copy the link to your page and be sure to tag Doug in the post so we know to enter you in the contest.

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Each unique email will have two chances to win, one for the email and one for sharing with friends. Jump on this chance to have a copy months before it is for sale. Doug will personalize the copy by signing it with a personal inscription and ship it directly to you.

Thanks for your help in building the ByCooper community and generating buzz for the release of The Investment Club.

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