I numbered the first fifty Focus Lost books out of the box for sale at ByCooper.com with a personal inscription of the buyer’s choice.

Looking for a Mother’s or Father’s Day gift or want one of the first signed copies of a first edition to tuck away on your bookshelf? Or maybe you are just planning your summer reading list.

If that isn’t enough to entice you to buy, use the code FIRST50 to take an additional 25% off the cost. Just enter the code FIRST50 at checkout with your name, address, and billing information to receive the discount. ByCooper.com accepts all forms of credit card. Remember to add your requested personal inscription in the Order Notes field so I can make it just how you want it.

Wait, there’s more! Shipping is a flat rate $3 whether you buy one, two, or five books. Don’t make it hard on yourself to decide if you will keep it or to whom you’ll give this special gift. Buy one for yourself and for all the special people in your life.

You can also add my other books, The Investment Club or Outside In, to the order with no additional shipping cost. $3 shipping cost will cover the entire shipment! I even have some of the first edition hardcovers of Outside In in stock included in this special offer.

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