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Tom & Huck might be the most famous duo in literary history, but if you listen to Tom and Doug, you’ll probably agree there is some definite potential there. Come on, hitting on topics like fetal resorption, downtown Vegas, and bad relationships, not a bad way to spend thirty minutes.

Have a listen to Tom Stern, author of My Vanishing Twin (Rare Bird, 2017) and Sutterfeld, You Are Not a Hero (Rare Bird, 2015), speaks with Doug Cooper, author of The Investment Club (Rare Bird, 2016) and Outside In (Rare Bird, 2016) as they nerd out on why they went the word route.

The broadcast is available on Soundcloud from Rare Bird Books. Since being founded as a home for authors and publishers seeking new ways of publishing and marketing books that deserve to be read, Rare Bird has made a commitment to dedicating itself to being a leader in: a) developing, designing, and publishing great works that exceed the overall expectations of what just words on a page can provide; b) working with authors and publishers as a cohesive unit rather than adversarial opponents; and c) expanding the limits of what books can offer the world.

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