Identity can't be found or fabricated

With our increased awareness and access now to so much outside of ourselves through technology and media, our inner lives, who we are, our identities are even more important than ever. How else do we navigate the dynamic, turbulent landscape of our lives without a strong sense of self? The urge is that our identity is something that can be discovered or even created based on the person we want to become or think we should be. We can’t let our identity become another mask we show to the world to protect who we really are. We must develop the strength to allow our true selves to emerge.

A Dream Not Followed Is A Story Untold

Quote from ByCooper.comWe all have dreams. They sprout up at different times, floating in and out of our lives in seemingly random patterns. Some last, some are fleeting. They hang in the distance, often giving our life direction and purpose, sometimes teasing and frustrating us, just out of reach. All we have is our hope, faith, and belief that if we have the right amount of talent, do enough of the right things, and are blessed with luck, we will realize our lofty aspirations. But we can’t let the daunting nature of the journey dissuade us from embarking. Our dreams are not the ending to our story. They are our story. One that deserves to be told.